are u happy new update ? i’m not.

hello z3x team,
good morning.

we’re not expected like that new update is 27.0.
we’re not satisfied.
unlocking, flashing, repairing no more anything just now.

burning question is FRP lock. urgent and much more important.
everyday we facing that issue. but we can’t nothing.

90% FPR lock problem, we refer to samsung customer care, they done it within a minute, without risk without any trouble.

question that if SAMSUNG CUSTOMER CARE done it why not Z3x ?
you have any answer Mr. Blang. ?

we never compare between you with others products.
but now we’re going to hopeless.

so, urgent request to you that next update must be only only one update
FRP lock remove without ADB. without flash , without risk or any trouble.

we’re waiting . what say others user ?

am i right or am i right ?

K.K .