dear sir idrish911 i have question for u plz reply dont delete post is our right

u wrote


As You Guys Know tHIS Timee Daily New Android Phones Are Coming In mArket

nd Also These Phones Are Costly nd for Development & Support we Purchase This Phone

So we are asking Nominal Money For Activation not Huge

can i know what new thing u add in miracle after 2.27A

ur all spd solution failed u can check ur self most of spd failed in miracle

imei rewrite false

mtk have all time issue if u write mt6582 with ur tool most time set not open

dl mode fix in mt6735 failed

u add asus but sir its free tool alredy in web

so sir if u take renawal money we can pay but need good and perfect soltuiton frm team not half stories

all secure mtk support

all spd solution with flash mode imei rite

server issue perrmanent solution

xiaomi full support
meizu supprt helo mtk support

all so many thing we need we depend on miracle if it not support so many thing we have to move on with other bcoz we have to buy activation if we again invest so we must invest in good thing not half thing so think and relese big boom boom update we buy with open hurt renwal if not we must move on with other