FRP Removal + Feee? Confused

Why are we paying for FRP Removal with Octopus Box when we all have read this?
Regarding to "Factory Reset FRP/ Reactivation"

Let us give some clarifications regarding to "Factory Reset FRP/ Reactivation" feature:

1. All Reset FRP/ Reactivation lock operations, which were released in Octoplus/Octopus Samsung Software and which doesn’t need remote service (which need to write Boot/Sboot/Combination files, which need to downgrade Sboot/firmware, which can be performed via Download Mode) ARE FREE.

2. But as You know, not all devices can be done by these methods – combination firmwares are not available for many devices and firmware versions, or after downgrading firmware/modem or writing boot/sboot/combination firmwares, device may have some problems, like hanging on logo, blinking, etc. In this case, when you get a non-supported model, or if you’re afraid to get a bootloop, if you don’t have much time to play with that or you’re just not skilled enough – You can make "Factory Reset FRP/ Reactivation". "Factory Reset FRP/ Reactivation" is kind of last resort. You’re not forced to pay for it if don’t really need it!

I love my Octopus Box and am fine paying an additional fee for usage, but a per usage? After you said this?

3. Of course, we work on solution for resetting FRP for unsupported and problematic devices and as soon as such solution is ready, we will release it for FREE for Octoplus Samsung users.
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