Full R/W FS, uncommon directories and conf’s…useful???

My Device:
S5 sm-g900f (rooted)

i navigate the root file system quite alot, both with archive apps and the Nethunter Terminal, so im familiar with its contents and layout…
After downloading some archived software tools (.bin .gz etc) i tried to transfere them from my phone to a usb stick using a usb-3 OTG Cable. my phone glitched for about 60seconds and requested my root directory about 15 times, with each request prompt stacking on top of each other.
My phone now has an extra Root directory, with full read/write access to a whole load of previously unlisted folders,files,archives,bin,bat,conf’s. including IMEI, IP, MAC, CarrierConfigeApp and a folder for both my Cache and Dalvik Cache. some of these files sound like they may be of some use to me, if i were a bit more familiar with them…
Any Ideas?????