imei ASUS ZenFone 2 Z00AD

HELP … How to change imei ASUS ZenFone 2 Z00AD with this tool, no change imei

Asking Server for Access..
Checking User Details.. ok
Checking User Login.. ok
Starting Adb Server..
Waiting for Phone…
Phone Found..
Manufacturer : asus
Model : ASUS_Z00AD
Id : LRX21V
BaseBand Ver. : 1509_5.0.23.00_0423
Android Ver. : 5.0
Region : US
Locale : en
Chipset : moorefield
Hw Version : mofd_v1
Bootloader : unknown
Default Operator : ,Virgin Mobile
Battery Presentage :
Root Status : Rooted – Binary Ver. 2.45:SUPERSU
Checking Sys Configs..
Opening Port..COM21
Writing Imei 1..
Imei 1 Repair ok…
All Done…