iPad mini pp3v3_out short.


I have an iPad mini with a bit damaged USB-port that’s not charging.
(you can move the plug from left to right) so i changed the connection port.

still, nothing happens, so i checked the board and found a short on the PP3V3_OUT. Everything looks good. When I put the iPad on the L8128 (the big one) gets hot (I think, it difficult to say, but something gets hot very close).

This is an inductor (so no need to replace it because it’s not connected to ground?) what should I do? Why does it get hot?

Should I remove the caps C8119, C8120 below it or is it probably it’s the U8100 power management ic?
the other side of the inductor (BUCKS5_LX) is also only connected with 2 points to it.
(the big one left to it, which one is I hink to hard to replace for me)

what to do? pleae give me your opinion. thanks.