Iphone 6 Eeprom.

Hi there. I just purchased Ipbox v2.

Tried working with Nand chips and was able to understand a little bit about how to work with them. Still trying to understand it better.

Now the problem is with Eeprom. I recently received an Iphone 6 for repair.

But while removing its Shield i accidentally broke U_EEP_RF and after that the phone’s modem firmware got damaged.

I tried changing the eeprom from a donor board. but still it didnt worked out.

I connected the eeprom on ipbox and tested it. it reads and writes perfectly.

But i dont understand what data should be written on it.

I even tried reading u3031 eeproms data and writing it on another eeprom .

But it still didnt worked out.

Anyone with knowledge of working with eeprom on how to get this thing working?

Help would be appreciated.