ipod 5th Generation white screen

Sorry I’m a newby so forgive me if this has been asked before. I recently replaced the battery on ipod A1136 successfully, and then the LCD screen that had a crack. It was a replacement part from USA. Everything went together okay, but on switching on, dreaded white screen. Tried several soft resets, but cannot get the apple logo. Also tried connecting to itunes, will not recognise the ipod. The only issue that may be causing a problem is that the very small and fragile brown locking bar that secures the LCD ribbon connector is broken, however the connector appears secure. It’s not the end of the world if the ipod has played its last tune, but would be lovely to have some fresh light shed on the problem and any ideas. It’s not really worth paying £70/£80 to get it repaired. My last resort is trying to drain the battery and start again to see if I can get the apple logo to reappear. Here’s hoping and thanks for letting me on the forum.