J510FN Unlock Succesfull (Factory Services)

Selected interface: UART
Note: Type *#0*# on the phone and connect UART cable.
Searching for device. Please wait…
Found device on COM21
Reading info…
Device model: SM-J510FN
Device IMEI: 358504xxxxxxxx
MSL address: RF8xxxxxxxxx
FRP/Reactivation: UNLOCK
Connecting to server..OK
Username: xxxxxxxx
Checking smart card…
Smart card successfully checked.
Checking ballance..OK
Your balance: 230 credits.
Sending device information..OK
Checking operation…OK
Requesting MSL code…OK
Deactivating MSL…OK
Unlocking phone…
Phone is successfully unlocked
Please type ‘00000000’ (8 zeros) on the phone if needed.



  • j510fn frp bypass done