LG G5 SE Lg-h840 G5 unlock FAIL

Direct Unlock

[Direct Unlock started]
You have 1 backup created for this phone in the past 12 hours. Skipping backup process.

Checking ports
For unlock, a DIAG mode serial must be present.
Searching for ports
Waiting for diag serial port to appear…
 Please make sure ‘Port Check Test’ is enabled on the phone!

How to enable ‘Port Check Test’ or ‘DIAG port’ on your LG phone:
There are many different ways to enable this option, but not all of them will work on all phones. Try them out one-by-one

Dial in the following codes on your phone (without pressing call). If the code works a hidden menu will apear. Find the option ‘Port Check Test’, and set it to ‘Enabled’. It is usually in the top menu or in the ‘SVC Menu’ submenu.

In case you can not get to the hidden menu, or the hidden menu does not contain the option ‘Port Check Test’, try Factory Reset on the phone.
DIAG mode serial found.

Phone IMEI is correct.: 357975074652738
Protocol error.
Finished at local time: [11.21.16 15:11:38]
WorkID: 15244989