Repair EMMC SDM032

help me i write full flash by Direct eMMC Samsung Flasher … nothing change.
i try to write rom1 but i cant …meesage error …mybe because its Sandisk EMMC not Samsung>>>>>>
Z3X EasyJtag Software ver.

Loading eMMC Addon Firmware… IO: 2800 mV
Box S/N: -==============, ,FW Ver.: 01.55
CMD Pullup Level (299 mV) too low , check cables etc.
CMD Active Level:2289 mV
Box IO Level:2800 mV
CLK Rate:14000 khz
HiPower mode is off!
———- eMMC Device Information ———-

EMMC CID : 02000053444D30333290FFFFFFFF29BC
EMMC CSD : 8C0F002A015981E9B6D9FC1F8A4040AA
EMMC Manufacturer ID: 0002 , OEM ID: 0000
EMMC Date: 02/2006 Rev.0x90
EMMC NAME: SDM032 , S/N: 4294967295
EMMC NAME (HEX): 53444D30333200
EMMC ROM1 (Main User Data) Capacity: 30 MB
EMMC ROM2 (Boot Partition 1) Capacity: 0 kB
EMMC ROM3 (Boot Partition 2) Capacity: 0 kB
EMMC RPMB (Replay Protected Memory Block) Capacity: 0 kB
EMMC Permanent Write Protection: No
EMMC Temporary Write Protection: No
EMMC Password Locked: No
Extended CSD rev 1.0 (MMC 4.0)
Boot configuration [PARTITION_CONFIG: 0x00] No boot partition configured.
Boot bus config [177]: 0x00 , width 1bit , Partition config [179]: 0x00.
H/W reset function [RST_N_FUNCTION]: 0x00
High-capacity W protect group size [HC_WP_GRP_SIZE: 0x00000000]
Partitioning Support [PARTITIONING_SUPPORT]: 0x00
Device NOT support partitioning feature
Device cannot have enhanced tech.
Partitioning Setting [PARTITION_SETTING_COMPLETED]: 0x00
Backup saved: SDM032_4294967295_20161014_1425.extcsd